Working capital infrastructure for B2B platforms

TapWater enables SaaS platforms to embed capital for their customers. We support Vertical SaaS, Marketplaces, AR/AP/Billing across industries.
SaaS Platforms

Let your B2B platform stand out

Offer the smoothest user journey.

Attract & grow new users

Help customers grow their business through tailored, data-driven capital

Boost customer retention

Increase customer retention by becoming their capital partner

Increase Lifetime Value

Earn a percent of the volume you originate

Quickly launch capital products


API based onboarding enabling payments for buyers and sellers


Use your data with third-party financial data to enable financing


Buyers, sellers transact with working capital

“Big fan of @clehene for more than a decade and his ability to execute at massive scale. Make sure you check out what they are doing at TapW”

Wade Arnold

CEO, Moov

“TapWater has taken away the pain of embedded lending but isn't itself a balance sheet lender (building a marketplace between banks and SaaS platforms).”

Simon Taylor

Fintech Brain Food

“Embedded lending startup TapWater is now available in beta and has a waitlist in progress for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies and other B2B firms.”

Get up and running fast!

with a beautiful drop-in, embedded user experience

Launch products that fit your user-base

Funding when they sell, after they sell, for their invoices, orders, or inventory

Hyper-personalized financing

Built for your customers' needs and fit to their use-cases

Build and extend

Deeply integrated, seamless experiences using our APIs, Components and Webhooks

Let us do the heavy-lifting

with the best capital on the market. We handle the capital, risk and compliance.

Highest degree of control and privacy

Your users get full control of their data.

Launch capital products that ignite top-line growth

Join the Beta
Capital Partners

We're constantly looking for the best funders on the market

Maximize acquisition

We combine your credit model with SaaS platforms' data to maximize acquisition potential

Expand market

Scalable customer acquisition via new demand channels

Increase conversion

Digitally Embedded is the highest conversion channel

Our stellar team

At TapWater, we work on new breeds of “autonomous finance” business models, that enable frictionless financial interactions at key decision moments in the customer's journey.

We strongly believe that big data, analytics and machine learning will be the core pillars that allow financial institutions to transfer their competitive advantages to the digital world.
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